Three Benefits Of Trying Cold Laser Therapy For Pain

While you can expect that your chiropractor will perform adjustments and do soft tissue work for the majority of your appointment, they may also introduce you to other forms of therapy that they believe may help your health issue. One complementary therapy that many chiropractors offer is called cold laser therapy. This type of treatment involves directing light at one or more areas of your body, with the goal of the wavelengths of light traveling through the skin and to the area that is causing your discomfort. Cold laser therapy helps with pain reduction and offers the following benefits.


One of the reasons that many chiropractic patients enjoy cold laser therapy is that it's comfortable. If you have your eyes closed, you may not even be aware of the therapy taking place. This can be ideal if you're in considerable discomfort. For example, there may be a scenario in which your neck is so sore that an adjustment or soft tissue work could be slightly uncomfortable. Even though these treatments can help, you may be reluctant to pursue them because of your current pain level. This can be a perfect time to try cold laser therapy, given its comfortable nature.

No Medication

You might like the idea of trying cold laser therapy because it doesn't involve the use of medication. Some chiropractic patients go for regular adjustments, but may also take pain medication on occasion. If you're in this situation and you're concerned about the long-term side effects of this medication, you might be seeking complementary therapies. If your chiropractor starts to give you cold laser treatments and you find that they're working, it's possible that you might be able to reduce or even eliminate your intake of medication.


Although the exact amount of time that your chiropractor uses a cold laser on you will vary according to several different factors, this is commonly a treatment that can often take just a few minutes. This can make it effective for patients who are short on time. For example, if you start your day at work and soon develop a strong headache, you might call your chiropractic clinic to see if it has any small windows of time that are open for a booking. A short session in the middle of the day with a cold laser may help to alleviate your pain for the afternoon — all without devoting much time for the treatment.

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