3 Types Of Equestrian Injuries A Chiropractor Can Treat

Statistics show that there are 9.5 million horses in the United States, which is more than any other country in the world. Although it can be enjoyable to ride horses, serious equestrians often find themselves battling injuries that can affect their performance.

Here are three types of equestrian injuries that a chiropractor can help you cope with in the future.

1. Spinal Misalignment

Riding can take a toll on your back. It's estimated that between 60% and 80% of American adults suffer from lower back pain, and this pain is often caused by spinal misalignment. When the spinal cord is out of alignment it places additional strain on the surrounding muscles. This strain can cause some muscles to weaken, resulting in poor coordination or balance.

Since proper balance is essential when it comes to proper form while riding a horse, visiting your chiropractor for regular spinal adjustments can be critical when it comes to maintaining a high level of performance while engaging in equine competitions.

2. Muscle Strains

When too much weight is placed on any given muscle, a strain can occur. Many of the activities associated with the care of a horse require heavy lifting. Whether you are hauling bales of hay to your horse's stall or lifting a saddle onto your horse's back, the potential for muscle strain is high. Riding with a strained muscle can be painful, and your ability to perform to the best of your ability in equine events could be compromised.

Opting to work with a chiropractor to engage in physical therapy for muscle strains can be beneficial. One effective treatment your chiropractor can provide to treat a muscle strain is electric stimulation. This treatment relies on a low current of electricity distributed directly to the strained muscle. The electrical current aligns molecules within the muscle, allowing the body to naturally heal your strain much faster.

3. Knee Pain

It's not uncommon for riders to complain of knee pain after spending time on the back of a horse. If you find that you are experiencing knee pain (especially when posting during a trot), you may have chondromalacia.

This condition is characterized by a kneecap that doesn't track properly throughout your leg movements. A chiropractor will be able to check for muscle imbalance that could be contributing to your chondromalacia, and make adjustments to the sacroiliac joint in order to restore proper tracking in your kneecap in the future.

Working with a skilled chiropractor can help you keep your body ready to perform in your favorite equestrian events in the future.