Allergy Meds Got You Down? Try These Alternative Treatments

Allergy medications may relieve your itchy eyes and sneezing, but they can also have some unwanted side effects. If you're tired of feeling drowsy, nauseous, or confused because of your allergy medication, maybe it is time to explore some alternative, non-drug allergy treatments. Here are two options to consider.

Local Honey

Who doesn't love honey? Its natural sweet flavor is great on toast, in tea, and even drizzled on a salad. But locally sourced honey can do more than just satisfy your taste buds. Though scientific studies have not proven that eating local honey can help cure allergies, there are many anecdotal stories in which people claim that eating local honey over a period of several months has calmed their allergy symptoms. Since honey is safe and tasty, why not try it to see whether it works for you?

The idea behind how honey works to cure allergies is simple. Honey from your local area contains some of the same pollen spores that cause your allergic reactions. By taking in these pollen spores regularly in the honey, you force your body to get used to them over time, until eventually your body no longer reacts when you're exposed to pollen.

Informal studies that have looked at honey as an allergy cure have had their participants take 2 teaspoons per day, so this is a good amount to start with. Make sure your honey is from your local area and that it is raw and unpasteurized, since pasteurization will kill the pollen spores.

Chiropractic Care

When your chiropractor adjusts your back, you experience more than just relief from back pain. By placing the spine back in alignment, your chiropractor relieves overall stress on your nervous system. Since the nervous system and immune system (which is responsible for your allergies) are so closely intertwined, relieving stress on the nervous system allows the immune system to function more effectively, hopefully relieving your allergy symptoms.

If you're visiting a chiropractor because of your allergies, be sure to tell him or her as much about your symptoms as you can. This may help your chiropractor determine which regions of your spine to focus on. Keep in mind that for many patients, regular adjustments are needed in order to keep allergy symptoms at bay. For more information, contact Stroud Chiropractic Clinic or a similar location.

If you want to be itch and sneeze-free, but do not want to resort to allergy medications, taking local honey and seeing a chiropractor are great alternatives. You can use these treatments alone or together; you can even combine them with conventional allergy meds when you first start to make the switch.